The Swiss Reinsurance Company

Swiss Re Benefits from Dynamic Training Tools from Belinguo. In 2016, Belinguo worked with leading global reinsurer Swiss Re to develop a dynamic and unique Insurance Simulator to train Swiss Re’s surety underwriters.

Coming up with something really fresh gives us a new image and I think that is absolutely needed in our market. And the fact that we can bring training to people, that is a clear differentiator to what other competitors can do – that definitely adds attractive new businesses to our existing portfolio, and as such, definitely has a very positive impact on our economics.

Pius LeupiHead of Credit and Surety

It is especially difficult to reach the younger generation with trainings like this, so I got on board in the project due to my experience as a gamer and as a younger professional.

Luca à PortaUnderwriter coordinator at Swiss Re

Swiss Re Success Story

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The aim of Belinguo’s simulation was to put the user in the situation of being a surety underwriter – receiving requests of surety bonds, and having to make underwriting decisions with limited information. They would then have to build a book of business, manage the book and handle claims. The outcome was a realistic simulation of the life as a surety underwriter.

Swiss Re used the simulation in combination with its standard surety training, allowing the simulation to complement the academic training with something that is more like a game. This helped the participants to understand the comprehensive challenges behind the underwriting of surety bonds.

Luca and Pius continue, “You can really use it yourself, use the knowledge that you gained during the training and try it out by yourself. The product has a lot of potential. What we particularly liked when we combined it with a class-based training is that people could actually work together in small groups. That created a tremendous dynamic between the people, they started to discuss and debate; is that a good piece of business, what kind of decision should we take on that particular request…”

“The collaboration with Belinguo was an exemplary model on how big corporations can collaborate with small innovative companies to build something within a very short time frame, with people involved all the time. And people with the same objective as us, with the technical capabilities to answer our requests. Not only that, Belinguo really brought their expertise from different industries and supported us in building what we would like, what we wanted to achieve since the beginning,” summarizes Abdeladim Bousselam, Credit and Surety Underwriter and Project Manager. “I can only recommend working with Belinguo. For us, it has been a tremendous experience, the product has definitely met all of our objectives.”