Proof of Concept (POC)

Is it possible to increase sales of a specific insurance product (e.g. Business Interruption) within 6-12 months?

With Belinguo’s Proof of Concept in 3 weeks (POC), you can get a fast initial answer to that question in a highly cost-efficient way.

Our Insurance Sales Simulator (ISS) is an engaging online product training solution that enhances your sales team’s product knowledge and confidence and boosts the generation of leads. Your sales people will be able to experience sales situations online.

In this POC, we adapt ISS to your product to engage your sales people to sell more and better. It takes only 3 weeks to create the POC and requires minimal involvement from your team (max 4 days of work for 1 FTE).

The cost of the POC can be deducted from the full-scale implementation if you decide to go ahead at a later stage. Indeed, the work done for the POC will be leveraged as the foundation for the full-scale implementation.