Next session November 13th to December 13th 2017

All classes start at:

20.00 GMT+1 (Paris, Amsterdam, Madrid, Zurich)
19.00 GMT+0 (London, Lisbon)

Unit 1

WELCOME AND GREET. November 13th and 15th

Language: Self introduction, Welcoming a guest in your establishment
Culture: Intro to Mandarin Chinese and tones

Unit 2

CHECK-IN. November 20thand 22nd

Language: Checking a guest in and giving him directions
Culture: How do Chinese people travel

Unit 3

TAKE AN ORDER. November 27th and 29th

Language: Food and Beverages, Taking an order
Culture: How do Chinese people eat

Unit 4

NUMBERS AND PAYMENTS. December 4th and 6th

Language: counting to 9999 and announcing a price
Culture: How do Chinese people shop – the bargaining culture

Unit 5

CHECK-OUT. December 11th and 13th

Language: offer different payment solutions, checking a customer out, and inquiring about their satisfaction
Culture: Free Q&A

How it works

Online program

Chinese for Tourism.The Essential. is an exclusively online program so you can learn anytime, anywhere

10 webinars

Chinese for Tourism. The Essential. includes a series of 10 live webinars (2 per UNIT) with Chinese trainer.
Can’t make the live session? No worries, you get the all the replays for 1 month!

5 e-learning modules

Chinese for Tourism. The Essential. also includes a series of 5 e-learning modules (1 per UNIT) to prepare and review important vocabulary, sentences and learn playfully.


You can choose from one of our two plans based on your need and commitment.

First Unit


1 week free trial
  • 2 live webinars
  • e-learning module for Unit 1

Whole Program


5 weeks intensive program
  • 10 webinars + replay access
  • e-learning modules for Unit 1 to 5

Why this program

Here is an overview of the true benefits you get when enrolling in
Chinese for Tourism. The Essential.


Chinese for Tourism. The Essential. is an interactive course which means you are active throughout the program

Learning community

Connect and exchange with the Chinese coach and your peers!

At your own pace

Prepare and review anytime, anywhere with e-learning modules and the webinar replays


Tourism-related situations, sentences and vocabulary to learn only the important stuff

Live Q&A

Live Q&A sessions to go deeper into the cultural aspects of dealing with Chinese customers

Completion certificate

You will receive a Chinese for Tourism. The Essential program completion certificate

FREE 1-week program