The Polyglot Kit for CEOs, Entrepreneurs and Top Managers


This product is aimed at CEOs of large and middle-size companies as well as Entrepreneurs with clients and teams around the world. The goal is to enable you to establish strong links with your clients and teams, make a very strong first impression, thanks to very targeted language skills.

You will learn to :

  • introduce yourself and your company
  • present and promote your products in a convincing way
  • be aware of the language as well as the culture of your counterpart

It includes :

  • language training modules aimed at CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Top Managers
  • customized to your company and your own needs to maximize the impact
  • up-to-date and real-life material
  • live support and coaching on a as-needed basis
  • a 2-year access to a powerful and engaging online learning platform
  • access to other CEOs, Entrepreneurs and Top Managers who follow a similar program on our platform
  • micro-learning technologies adapted to very busy people
  • a pack of 6 languages to choose from Arabic, Chinese, Cantonese, Danish, French, English, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish.


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