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Our 5 secrets to learn any language efficiently

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So you’ve tried your hand at language learning a couple of times, and each time you’ve come up with great reasons why you just can’t learn:


“It’s just not for me”

“I’m just not good at learning languages”

“Language learning is a natural talent and that I just don’t have”


Ultimately, you gave up.

You know at heart that if you spoke even a little bit to your business partners or clients in their own language, they would perceive you in a different way.

You also know this skill could help you differentiate yourself from your competition and win clients.



Chinese TV channels even have programs

where they celebrate foreigners speaking Chinese

such as singing competitions and talk shows.


You are a busy professional and if it’s going to be torture, why even try? We get it.

But you know what? We too, are busy professionals, and our team speaks 15 different languages.


The secret that rules them all: applying business principles to language learning.


We know you are reading this and going “huh???”. Well, let us make our case.

Isn’t it safe to say that the business world has benefited from years of optimization of time and resources?

And, isn’t it also safe to say that the way we learn things – above all languages – doesn’t quite feel like we are making the best of our time and energy?

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you applied the very same principles of a well-run business to language learning?

There is a way to learn any language you want effectively and well!

We are excited to share with you our 5 secrets that translate into simple steps to learn any language you may dream of and have your clients’ jaws drop next time you meet!

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Helping the training community

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This week we are helping a member of the Effective and Fun Training Techniques Group on LinkedIn to tackle an interesting topic.

Below you will find her question, and our answer to her 🙂

“What is the best way to keep people interested? Going from teaching 7th graders to teaching adults has been a difficult transition for me. Something I am really struggling with is shifting the focus of the training session from me talking to whole time to getting the people involved. It has become mostly me talking at them, and them asking questions. But i do not know how to get it to be more of a conversation. Any ideas? Thank you in advance!” (from Maria Morlando, Director of Training and Development at Enjoy Your Party Franchising, LLC., Effective and Fun Training Group, LinkedIn)

“Dear Maria, {…} Introducing interactive tools is key to be able to engage adults. Also I find asking them questions about what they think is much more productive than simply giving them the solution.

As a corporate trainer, I always try to shift my behavior from the “teacher” (who needs to pretend he/she knows it all – which is unfortunately what we do with kids) to the “coach” who is here to mentor them in their learning journey.

Adults – and kids – can learn most things on their own and need a coach to help them stay on track, inspire and challenge them. This also makes it so much more enjoyable and relaxing for the trainer (you) because you feel like you are here for the added-value stuff, not just repeating the same information over and over again.

I have also been experimenting with “group self-learning” lately and it works wonders: people in small groups learn together. Naturally the stronger elements of the group will help the weaker ones!”(from Marion Gioda, COO, Belinguo)