Let's work together!

Below, we share with you the answers to questions you might have and that your peers had before started working with us. You will find information on the process of creation from start to finish, such as timelines, level of involvement required from your side, etc. The goal is to get you comfortable and make this journey as smooth as possible!


5 steps to a solution

Belinguo will guide you all the way from the design and content to the delivery thanks a 5-step methodology:

1. Design

  • Based on your Corporate Visual Guidelines, Belinguo will create a design concept for the board and the cards.
  • Your feedback will then be taken into account to adjust the design and match your standards (total of 2 iterations).
  • Sign-off on the design.

2. Content

  • For the Product cards : images of products (HD) and their title and description to Belinguo.
  • For the Question cards : questions with their correct answer (either single- or multiple-choice questions).
  • For the Prison cards : questions with their answer or actions to perform.

3. Integration: Belinguo will integrate your content into the game.

4. Prototype: For an order of 10 boxes or more, Belinguo will produce a Prototype game first. Sign-off on the prototype.

5. Production and delivery: Belinguo will produce and deliver your very own Board Game(s).



  1. How long does the project take from start to finish?
    On average the project should take 12 weeks from start to delivery of your Board Game(s)*
  1. How much resource does it take on my side?
    On average the project should take 10 hours of involvement on your side*
  1. Can I update my Board Game / add cards after a while?
    Yes you can! We have designed the Product Board Game so it could evolve easily with the time. You can simply submit new content to Belinguo (minimum of 100 CHF purchase). We will produce the new cards and deliver them to you.


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 * Disclaimer: depending on level of reactivity of each client