Board Game for Product Training

Do you lead a sales organization and want to energize your on-site meetings?

Do you need to increase the motivation of your sales people and make sure they perfectly know your products?

Are you tired of the digital offering on the market?

Sometimes it's fun to go a little retro and this could be your next training tool!

Y.B, Training Manager, Watch Retail: “We had two main objectives, the first one was to create a really dynamic training that motivates our salesforce; and secondly to allow our trainers to precisely evaluate how well knowledge had been acquired in a short space of time."




Most of us have played the monopoly and other board games in our spare time with family and friends.

They are engaging, easy to understand quickly and remind us of good moments.

Belinguo’s Product Board Game is designed for your company to ensure an effective yet engaging review of your product line.

Within minutes, your sales people will feel comfortable playing it, help each other, compete in a learning environment all while having fun!

Y.B, Training Manager, Watch Retail: "It’s clear from the beginning that the game really inspires them and ‘switches’ them on. They are engaged and active. It also allows shy people to express themselves differently, because they are under less pressure than when they have to manipulate a watch in front of the whole group. It’s more approachable than role play and other learning methods we’ve tried."



  • Belinguo’s Product Board Game replaces the traditional real-estate cards with your products and the only currency of the game is knowledge, not money.
  • The Product Board Game is a physical game best used during your on-site workshops, for up to 8 participants per board. A great alternative to creating digital fatigue.
  • A game usually lasts 20 to 45 minutes. You can easily adjust the playing time.
  • The design and the rules are adapted to your company and products.
  • New content can easily be integrated into the game.

Y.B, Training Manager, Watch Retail: "I remember one of the participants was a little stressed when having to speak in front of people, but during the game she had a lot of fun and really got involved in the group dynamic. I believe the game motivated her to express herself, and I think she even won in the end!”

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Leading luxury brands have rolled out Belinguo’s Product Board Game in over 25 countries and 8 languages.

It is now used by more than 2000 people for product training!

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