Let's work together!

Below, we share with you the answers to questions you might have and that your peers had before they started working with us. The goal is to get you comfortable and make this journey as smooth as possible!


1. Why trust Belinguo?

We have a proven track record with international hospitality chains such as the Ramada Hotels, Confiserie Bachmann and Hopitality Management schools such as BHMS (Lucerne, Switzerland). Access full client's testimonial.


2. My employees have different schedules. What can I do?

We offer two types of programs depending on the availability of your staff.

  • Program 1: If your staff can get together, we arrange a 10-hour workshop with a trainer (spread over a few days) and the e-learning serves as preparation and review which people can complete at their own pace.
  • Program 2: If your staff has different schedules and cannot get together at the same time, we offer a fully-online e-learning program so your staff can learn anytime, anywhere and at their own pace. A 1-hour kick-off workshop is recommended in order to launch the program.


3. Who in my team should I send to this course?

Any staff who is in direct contact with your Chinese guests. Typically, our clients pick front-desk staff, and restaurant personnel.


4. Can the program content be customized to my company?

Belinguo has already defined two types of content. The content that is the most relevant to 1. a hotel or 2. a restaurant/Food and Beverage industry. This is the content that comes by default in the package.

If you have a specific need for different content, Belinguo can customize the program for an extra fee. Ask for a quote.


5. Why this course rather than another one?

The Belinguo Chinese for Hospitality program is the fastest program to get your staff up to speed with the Chinese culture and language essentials.

It has been specifically designed for the hospitality industry, which means your staff will only learn relevant knowledge for your company.

We have developed proprietary educational games and e-learning modules based on the latest Chinese training technics, that you will find nowhere else. Ask for more information on this topic.