Our solutions

At Belinguo we believe that traditional training methods are no longer the most effective way to achieve results. Endless PowerPoint slides and participants that are easily distracted by emails and mobile phones do not necessarily result in engagement, knowledge retention, and success for your teams.

That’s why we are committed to revolutionizing corporate training. We use modern methods of gamification and digitization to deliver high impact, high energy training that yields real results on your bottom line.

We currently offer three tailor-made solutions for effective and engaging sales training…

  • Ingage helps boost your sales team’s knowledge and confidence – resulting in a dynamic team that is capable of increasing sales.
  • The Product Board Game energizes your sales team meetings and drive dynamic growth in your business.
  • The Chinese Sales Bootcamp is specifically designed for those organizations that frequently deal with Chinese clients, enabling your teams to easily navigate cultural differences to deliver top quality customer service.