Success Story with a leading watch company


Sales Training Without the ‘Board-dom’

“How do I create dynamic on-site training and a motivated sales team?” This is the question our client - Mr B., Training Manager at a renowned quality watch manufacturer - asked himself a year ago. Since then, he has worked with Belinguo to develop a "Monopoly-like" board game for his product training sessions.

Marion Gioda, COO at Belinguo, interviewed Mr B. about his experience of working with the team and the results he achieved.

What was your goal when creating a board game with Belinguo ?

“We had two main objectives, the first one was to create a really dynamic training that motivates our salesforce ; and secondly to allow our trainers to precisely evaluate how well knowledge had been acquired in a short space of time.”



How do the trainers and participants respond to the game ?


“It’s clear from the beginning that the game really inspires them and ‘switches’ them on. They are engaged and active. It also allows shy people to express themselves differently, because they are under less pressure than when they have to manipulate a watch in front of the whole group. It’s more approachable than role play and other learning methods we’ve tried.”

Marion and Mr B. discuss a particular memory... “Do you remember the Japanese lady who appeared stressed during the training ?”


“Of course. She was a little stressed when having to speak in front of people, but during the game she had a lot of fun and really got involved in the group dynamic. I believe the game motivated her to express herself, and I think she even won in the end!”


Do you have any tips for other training managers who would like to use a tool like this during their onsite training sessions?


“It’s important to set the objectives for the game… This means knowing what you want to evaluate, and adapting the rules and content of the game accordingly. Our objective was to evaluate the sales team’s technical knowledge of our watches, so we   integrated questions where players had to manipulate a watch. This allowed us to easily verify who knew the watches well.”

To conclude, would you recommend Belinguo to other training managers?


“After seeing the results from our game, I would say yes, absolutely. The results speak for themselves. I also thoroughly enjoyed working with the Belinguo team and the comprehensive project management you offered. I will certainly recommend you to my colleagues.”