Power point slides do not have the Monopoly of sales training

How to train without board-dom

Board games have rightfully been receiving attention by the training community. It is now perceived by many as a powerful knowledge-transfer tool. For you, we have summarized the role of board games – especially Monopoly - can play in sales training.

Have you ever wondered what would happen when you take the world’s most famous board game and adapted it to teach your employees what they need to know in order to work in your company? When rules are adapted to the enterprise world, board games – especially Monopoly - can shift their focus from the traditional competition aspect to a more collaborative tool that will teach your sales force asset management and flexibility.

Monopoly teaches strategic thinking, which is a skill all companies want their employees to develop. The acquisition and management of properties combined with an element of luck represented by the roll of a dice, will force players to develop asset management skills as well as a certain flexibility, because just like in the game, all businesses face unforeseeable challenges which employees will have to adapt to.

In a Harvard Business Review’s article Andrews Innes writes: “What about creativity, innovation, teamwork, empathy, and resource management? In fact many inventive games not only center on those themes but also emphasize outcomes more closely resembling the collaborative wins that have become so desirable within and between organizations.”

So, what if you replaced the traditional estate with your company’s products and changed the currency of the game from cold hard cash to knowledge? Discover how it worked for one of our client.

Marion Gioda, COO, Belinguo

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